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What is a Notary Public?

A Notary Public is a state appointed Public servant who witnesses the finalizing of essential files and carries out oaths.

How Long Have Notaries Been Around?

The Notary Public goes all the way back to early Roman times, when the Pope selected Bishops of Canterbury as Notary Publics to deal with legal notes. These Bishops, referred to as Notaries, handled land transfers, marriage propositions, and criminal matters that required witnesses.

Why Do I Need a Notary?

Legal files are often notarized in order to avoid scams and ensure they are properly performed. A Notary acts as an identifier, making sure all signers are who they say they are and comprehend the contracts they are signing.

How Does a Notary Verify Identification?

The Notary will ask to validate identity through picture recognition with a physical description and signature. Chauffeur's licenses, military ids, or passports are usually adequate. If the Notary is unsure about a signer's identity, desire, or mental state, or has any need to think scams, they might refuse to serve.

Are Notarizations Needed By Law?

In cases where a notarization is not required, individuals may wish to notarize files in order to safeguard them from fraud. It merely indicates the Notary witnessed the recommendation of the signer under oath and the agreement that the contents of the file are appropriate.

Do Notaries Prepare Legal Files?

When you are looking for a Notary Public, find one that suites your particular requirements. In this day and age, numerous individuals can be assigned the status of Notary Public. You might hold the title of Notary Public if you are a doctor, attorney, priest, or even an average Joe.

A Notary may not prepare legal files, or even act as a legal adviser in any method, unless they are also an attorney. When you are looking for a Notary Public, discover one that suites your specific requirements. In this day and age, notary austin texas lots of people can be appointed the status of Notary Public. You could hold the title of Notary Public if you are a medical professional, lawyer, priest, or even an typical Joe.

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